Stripchat for free and in German

You probably know a lot of sites related to erotics in front of the webcam. However, most of them are in English, sometimes the cam girls also understand Russian or Thai. Chatting is not always easy. Stripchat is different because here you can chat with girls, couples, trannies and guys in your own language. A livesex cam is at least twice as awesome for you.

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What is Stripchat about? Stripchat has…

  • ... horny webcams of German-speaking girls, boys, trannies and couples - here we get straight to the point without language barriers.
  • ... fair conditions - hidden costs, subscription traps and such things have no place here.
  • ... a huge selection of German sex cams - so there is also the right topic for you. So what makes you really horny in front of the webcam?
  • ... easy access - without endless menus that you would have tedious to click through.
  • ... access without registration - so your anonymity is preserved when playing in front of the webcam.
  • ... real models who understand your language - we promise.

How do you get into the Stripchat?

Actually, all you have to do is walk through the virtual door. Open the page, click into a live cam and you're right in the middle of the action. So you don't need to enter any data and certainly no credit card number to watch a girl, a man, a couple or a tranny on the playground. This is about awesome hours, not nasty rip-offs. And if a live cam doesn't deliver what it promises, you simply click on to the next one.

Which livecams are included by Stripchat in German?

So that you don't lose any time, we have pre-sorted the live cameras for you. It is entirely up to you to decide in which category you find your fulfilment.


In this section you will find most of the webcams. That's how it's always been, and that's how it is with Stripchat. Here you will always find a wide selection of women from teens to MILFs to mature women. Shy girls in skin-tight jeans are just as much among them as tough dominatrixes in vinyl, leather and latex. You can chat with the women and of course watch them pose for you. Depending on the choice made, the game shown can range from pure posing to masturbation with a dildo to a violent fuck.


Stripchat is not only available as a solo, but also as real sex. In this section you will find couples who do it for you in front of the live cam. With the strip chat, the possibilities range from cuddly sex to gentle blowing to hard ass fucking in the S/M session. And if you want, you can also watch the cum squirt afterwards.


Not only the women, but also the men know how to use a live cam. If you're into handsome boys or tattooed bulls, you'll find what you're looking for here as well as if you're looking for hairy old studs. The guys are very happy to take you virtually to their playground. And they let you participate in their unrestrained play until you cum. You decide whether you want to watch a guy jerk off or see how he pushes the huge plug into his asshole.


Can't decide between guy and girl? Then a cock girl at Stripchat is made for you. Do you like crossdressers, TVs or transsexuals? The beings that you see here in front of the cam will fulfill all your secret desires. For this they use everything they have, from the tight ass to their cock. With the Livecam at Stripchat you are very close.

How can you chat with the models?

With Stripchat it is not only important that the girls and boys have a bed or a playground available. They are also technically well equipped. Because the live chat thrives on great, high-quality pictures and an equally good sound.

You have the choice whether you just want to chat with the models or use your microphone as well. In live chat 1:1 even your own webcam can come into play. For you, this means such an awesome and realistic experience as if you were on the mat yourself.

Are you typing wrong?

Actually, the hottest live chat is very easy to find. All you have to do is type and you're on your way. If that doesn't work, you've probably made one of the following mistakes. that's too general for us. We already show you in the name that it's free here. is also an alternative, but unfortunately a wrong one. Guaranteed free cams are only available with the original. Sure, the girls like to strip for you. But the noun gets by with just one P. Ohne R rollst du leider an unseren geilen Livecams vorbei. Of course we also have hot kitties to admire. However, we do not limit ourselves to this and have therefore decided on a different name. Wait, you forgot a T! And without it you end up somewhere in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't have to be. Hey, why did you swap the P for a B? You can definitely do better. It's not just the icing on the cake that's missing here, but the whole vowel. Take him with you and everything will be fine. Without A there is no aaaahh, you should know that. So concentrate a little better on the typed letters. A single S is enough to get into the free Stripchat. After all, the word sex doesn't need a second S.

Why is it still possible to register with Stripchat by name?

Basically, you can watch all webcams on Stripchat in German without having to pay anything. Even chatting with the girls, guys, couples and trannies doesn't cost you anything. But keep in mind that the models spend a lot of time for you, for which they have definitely to earned pocket money. This is especially true if you want to have a say in some great action being played in front of the camera.

But with Stripchat, the euros do not flow directly from you to the cam girls and boys. There is a own currency here with the tokens. You can buy the tokens at fair prices and then pass them on to the performers as you wish.

In order for this principle to work, some data from you is absolutely necessary. However, we keep it as short as possible: Give a valid e-mail address and decide on a member name. Then all you have to do is confirm the e-mail that we send out to you. You are already a registered member of Stripchat and can purchase your tokens using one of the secure payment methods you are familiar with.

How does signing up for Stripchat work?

  • Nothing easier than that. First, click on the image on the right that will take you to Stripchat.
  • You will then see a button that says “register”.
  • Here you need a click to open a small form.
  • In this form you now have to enter a few details - but it takes less than a minute.
  • A few moments later you will find an email in your inbox from Stripchat.
  • Open this email and click on the link to confirm your registration.
  • Now you can already log into Stripchat.

What are the costs of Stripchat?

Stripchat is an offer that basically does not incur any costs for you. However, you can buy tokens to reward the models. The more tokens you acquire, the lower the costs you incur.

Token count Price per token
80 Stripchat tokens €0.12
180 Stripchat tokens €0.12
460 Stripchat tokens €0.11
960 Stripchat tokens €0.10
2005 Stripchat tokens €0.10

Can you become a Stripchat Premium Member?

In principle, you are already a VIP with the purchase of the first tokens. It is therefore not necessary to pay a certain basic fee or to contractually bind yourself to Stripchat in German. But we reward you if you buy a lot of tokens by offering you a discount for quantity. Of course, we pay the performers fairly: 50% of the money you pay goes directly to the girls, guys, trannies and couples.

  • 200 Stripchat tokens are included.
  • The Stripchat will be completely Ads-free for you.
  • You can have private sex chat.
  • You remain anonymous when paying with tokens.
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FAQ: Answers to the most important questions about Stripchat

If you are not completely convinced of Stripchat, you will find the answers to your most important questions here. We want you to visit Stripchat with pleasure and without hesitation so taht you will be happy to visit us again and again.

If you cannot find an answer to your own question in this list, please feel free to contact us by email. We try to give you an adequate answer to your request as soon as possible.

What actually is Stripchat?

Stripchat is exactly what the name promises. Here you can chat with girls, guys, couples and trannies who will strip for you on cam. And that's not all: There is hardly a hot show that Stripchat doesn't offer you.

Are there any sites similar to Stripchat?

Sure. But unfortunately there are a lot of black sheep among them. Some just aren't technically as good as Stripchat or cost you a fortune. Others aren't nearly as good as Stripchat when it comes to viruses, trojans, adware and malware. With us, not only eroticism, but also safety is very important. And on very fair terms.

How much does Stripchat cost?

You can not only dial into the respective live cam anonymously, but completely free of charge. You can only purchase tokens and reward the models for their awesome show if you want to. We offer you the internal currency at very low prices. If you buy the tokens in larger quantities, we offer you interesting discounts.

How many Livecams are online at the same time?

Of course, that depends on the day and the time. There are certain times of the day when a particularly large number of sex cams are online, for example from late afternoon to the evening hours. At the weekend, numerous models look forward to viewers of their live cam during the day as well. If you are looking for a livesex cam in the very early morning, the selection is much more limited. Actually, you should always find more than one live camera that comes close to your preferences and flavors.

How much money do I have to invest for Stripchat?

Very simple: As much as you would like to spend. Since you can already have a lot of fun with Stripchat for free, Stripchat is almost without competition the cheapest. If you want to say thank you to the girls, boys, couples and trannies or actively participate in the game, you can reward them with a few tokens. The models create the pricing themselves, so you can contact them directly in this regard. Very simple: As much as you would like to spend. Since you can already have a lot of fun with Stripchat for free, Stripchat is almost without competition the cheapest. If you want to say thank you to the girls, boys, couples and trannies or actively participate in the game, you can reward them with a few tokens. The models create the pricing themselves, so you can contact them directly in this regard.

In which language can I talk to the girls in the Stripchat?

Our basic idea was to create a live chat in German. So there are no language barriers here because you don't speak English, Spanish, Russian or Thai. Just chat in German - and have a really great time.

Can I also meet a model in person?

Stripchat is a chat and not designed for real dates. Therefore, you should assume that the girls, boys, couples, trannies and groups are only there for you online. There will probably not be a real encounter between you. However, the models at Stripchat are free people who make their own decisions. If you prove to be not only particularly generous, but also exceptionally likeable, you may be able to make things possible that others only dream of.